opcode new media services


Version History
1.010/02First release!
  • Added eSellerate support
  • Several minor UI changes and improvements:
  • Removed flickering from progress indicators in download view
  • Added Open and Open Folder options to download view
  • Incomplete articles now displayed 'grayed out' in list
  • Major bugfix to article display
  • Added asynchronous loading of articles from disk
  • Added ability to retry parts when YEnc checksum fails
  • Fixed bug that failed to update UI when downloading group list
  • Fixed inconsistent application of the filter in the article view
  • Newly downloaded headers are shown in bold
  • Added initial PAR download feature
  • Added option to ignore 411 "non existent group" responses
  • 1.2.108/03
  • Added thumbnail download view to enable previewing of downloaded images
  • Made server and newsgroup windows dockable and closable
  • Fixed bug with rolling article numbers

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