<% Option Explicit %> OpNews - How to get access to Usenet <% Server.Execute("border_top.asp") %> There are several options when it comes to getting access to Usenet servers.

It largely depends how much you're prepared to spend; generally speaking the commercial providers provide a service far superior to the free servers. But then, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

Free servers
Your best bet for finding a free news server is to visit one of the sites that lists and categorises them. Try these for starters:
Newzbot - free NNTP server list
Triceron - free usenet server listing

Your ISP server
Your internet service provider (Demon, AOL, RoadRunner etc) may have it's own news server.
E.g. Demon's news server is at: news.demon.co.uk

Paid news servers
There are several very high quality commercial news services available, here's a list for starters. <% Server.Execute("border_bottom.asp") %>