The OpNews screen is divided into 4 main areas:

In the top left of the screen is a list of the newsgroups you've selected. You can add a newsgroup to the list by right clicking on Groups (at the top) and selecting Add from the menu. This will bring up the
Add Group window.

Bottom left; details of server connections, including speed and amount of data received. Click
here for more information about servers.

Contains the article
headers for the currently selected group. Multi-part articles are grouped together and only the first part is shown. In order to determine the order of the individual parts, OpNews scans the subject looking for (xx/yy), where xx is the part number and yy is the total number of parts. Click on a column header to sort by subject, size or date. You can set a filter to only show articles containing certain text in their subject. Hit the Filter button and enter the text in the toolbar.

The files that you've selected to download. Note: This list of files is not saved when you quit the program. See
Download States for more information on the icons used in the download list. Any file can be removed from the list or reset in order to force OpNews to retry the download.

Other important parts of the screen are the toolbar at the top, providing quick access to commonly performed actions, and the status bar at the bottom, which displays progress messages.

OpNews is Copyright 2002, Opcode Digital Ltd, London, UK.
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