Download States
Files displayed in the bottom right of the main screen are those that are queued for downloading. Each has an icon on the left that shows what state it is in:

File is ready to download. Hit the 'Get Articles' button in the toolbar, or right click and select Start to begin downloading.

Download is in progress! The percentage completion is shown in the progress bar for the file.

An error occurred while the file was being downloaded. This could be because of a problem on the server side (e.g. download limit exceeded) or on the local machine (e.g. out of disk space). A message indicating the exact reason for the failure will be written to the log file, or you can right click and select Properties for more details.

The download is waiting for an available connection to a server.

The file has been downloaded successfully! You can now open the file, or the folder it's in, by right clicking.

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