With OpNews it's possible to have multiple connections to multiple news servers at once; ideal if you've got a broadband connection. You can enter the maximum connection limit (the maximum number of connections to a server at one time) in the Server Settings dialog.

It's easy to set-up news servers. Select Servers From the Options menu, or hit the Servers button in the toolbar to display the Servers window.

How do I get access to a news server?
There are normally a few ways of getting access to a server: via your ISP (e.g. Demon in the UK, or Qwest in the US), using a free publicly-accessible server, or by paying for a "premium" news provider.

  • Using your ISP's news service is normally free, or rather, the cost is already included in your regular payment. Most large ISPs have their own dedicated servers, contact your technical support department for more details.

  • Free, public newsservers tend to be fairly difficult to find, and don't normally have the best retention. There are a few web sites dedicated to cataloging free NNTP news servers, for instance:

  • There are several companies that specialise in providing news server access. The prices are fairly competitive as the competition is fierce. Some offer trial periods to enable you to test the service before committing. This option is the most expensive; but if you'll be downloading a lot, it may be worth it to get the best speed and retention.

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