There are several settings that you can use to control how OpNews behaves. They are accessible from the Settings item in the Options menu.

The most important setting; this is where you choose where to store OpNews data files, and also where to put the files you download. Note: OpNews data files can get large, even before you have actually downloaded any files. Please make sure you enough free disk space.

Advanced options (some of these may not be implemented in early versions of the software):

Delete temporary files aggressively
If you're short of disk space, select this option to delete each temporary file as it's decoded. This means you will not be able to recover the download if there is a problem, but it can use significantly less disk space when getting large files. All temporary files are deleted anyway once a file is successfully downloaded.

Recover partial downloads
This option determines whether OpNews uses temporary files remaining from a failed download when re-trying a download. If not selected, any existing temporary files will be overwritten.

Article age limit
Determines the maximum age (in days) for article headers. Cleaning a group results in all articles older than this being deleted.

Binary filter limit
The size above which an article is considered to be a binary. OpNews will discard articles smaller than this size while downloading headers.

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