Getting Started
Before you can start using OpNews to download files, you'll need to know the name of your Usenet newsgroup (NNTP) server (e.g. Log-on details (username and password) may also be required, if so, your news server provider should have given you them.
The first thing you need to do is enter the details of your news server. Select Servers from the Options menu to display the servers dialog box. Click the Add button. Enter the details of your news server and hit OK. Once you've added a server, it will appear in the servers window.
Select a newsgroup. Right click on Groups in the groups window select Add Group. A dialog box will be displayed allowing you to download a list of available groups from your news server. This may take a while, but you only need to do it once. The available groups will appear in the list, select one and hit OK.
Download the headers for the group. You will be automatically be prompted to download the headers. Otherwise right click on the group and select Get Headers, or click the Get Headers button in the toolbar. Click here for more information on headers
Choose the files you'd like to download. Select a file from the article window and drag it to the download window, or right click on it and select Download.
Start downloading! Hit Get Articles to connect to the server and begin downloading...
The icon for the file in the download window will change according to what's happening. You can see what all the icons mean here.

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