OpNews - Server Errors
Server Errors
This is a list of the more common error codes returned by news servers. The number will always be the same, but the text may differ from server to server. If your download is shown in the list as failed, right click and select Properties to view the error code (if any) returned by the server. This should help to explain the cause of the problem.

411 - No such news group
This means that the specified news group does not exist on the server. Remember that not all servers carry all groups. You will normally see this error when OpNews sends a GROUP command to the server, for instance, when trying to download headers.

423 - No such article in group.
You've tried to download an article that doesn't exist any more in the group. The chances are it was there when you downloaded the headers, but has since been removed from the server.

505 - Already connected
This may mean you have exceeded the number of simultaneous connections you can make to one server. You can see how many connections you actually have in the server part of the main window.

502 - Authentication error
This normally occurs when you enter the wrong username or password for the server. Use the servers dialog accessible from the menu, to check and change your log-in details.

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