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Some general Usenet questions:

What newsgroups are available?
How can I get access to Usenet?

OpNews, the next generation newsreader, is the quickest and easiest way to download movies, music, software and more from Usenet newsgroups. Powerful features make multipart downloads from multiple servers incredibly easy, and allow you to make the most of every bit of your internet bandwidth.

Ideal for broadband, cable and ADSL users!

Connect to an unlimited number of servers simultaneously to quickly find, filter and manage millions of articles and get the files you want.

OpNews features:

Multi-part files, RARs, ZIPs...
Effortlessly combine multi-part files spread across different servers. Combine, decode and download with one click.

All the speed you need
Fast multi-threaded, multi-connection downloads - make the best use of your internet connection

Easy to use
Incredibly easy to set-up and use - looks just like Outlook Express! Effortlessly download a multi-megabyte file in hundreds of pieces.

Built-in PAR, yEnc, UUEncode support
Support for all current compression/file splitting standards - yenc, uuencode etc

The download includes a full installer/uninstaller and help, which is also available online.

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