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OpMail requires the Microsoft XML library MSXML.DLL. This should already be installed if you are using Internet Explorer 5.


OpMail consists of 2 services:
OpMailServer provides the SMTP and POP3 servers and
OpMailSmtpSend sends outgoing SMTP mail

Like other services OpMail can be controlled using the Services control panel (WinNT) or Services MMC console (Win2k/XP).

If you can't see the services, you may need to install them. From a command line in the installation directory, type the following:
OpMail.exe -install
OpMailSmtpSend.exe -install

If you make a change to the server configuration, you will need to restart the service for it to take effect.


OpMail is configured using a single registry entry, and an XML file. The registry entry is:
This contains a single value MailRoot that determines the root directory for the server.

The Config directory contains an XML file config.xml where various server settings can be changed.
An XSL (XML style sheet) is also supplied to enable the file to be easily viewed using Internet Explorer. Simply open the XML file with IE and it's contents will be displayed in a clearly readable way.

Directory Structure

There are several directories beneath the root MailRoot which are used for storing message files:
BadMailCopies of messages returned to sender due to non-delivery
ConfigConfiguration data
DataMessage delivery data
IncomingMessages received from external servers
MailboxUsers mailboxes
OutgoingMessages being sent to external servers
TempFor system use

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