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OpD2d - Direct to disk audio recorder

From version 1.3 of OpD2d, it's possible to use BladeEnc.DLL to record direct to an MP3 file.

Important: Because of various copyright and patent laws (thank you Fraunhofer/Thomson), we can't include the compiled version of the MP3 encoder in the OpD2d installer.

However, it is very easy to find. For instance, you could try here: http://www2.arnes.si/~mmilut/BladeEnc.html or here http://bladeenc.mp3.no/skeleton/DL.html.

Once you've downloaded it, uncompress it and put the resulting BladeEnc.dll file in the same directory as OpD2d.exe.

Click on the sample format button in the main window, and you should see details of which, if any, version of BladeEnc you are using:

If everything is OK, you should see a version number here.

Also, if you select MP3 in the format dialog but the DLL is not available, you may see the error message "Could not load MP3 encoder".

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