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download OpNews
Fast and powerful newsgroup reader to make downloading binary files quick and easy. Download a free 28 day trial or buy online.

download OpD2d
Simple, easy to use direct to disk audio recorder. As featured in PC magazine and Computer Talk America.

download OpImage trial version.
This is a self-extracting file containing the trial version of the plug-in. The only restriction is that all generated images contain a copyright message. Size: 1.7mb

download OpMail beta version.
Free SMTP/POP3 mail server for Windows NT/2000

download OpURL trial version.
An IIS plug-in that seamlessly provides simple yet powerful regular expression URL re-writing.

Code & components

Download components and sample code including:

XpSmtp Email extended stored procedure to replace xp_sendmail

MxLookup Component to perform email server lookups

OpPop POP3 component for creating web based email interfaces

OpUrl - URL Rewrite ISAPI filter to help search engines crawl your site

OpD2d Simple direct to disk audio recorder application

Play BattleFingers a fun new iPhone/iPod Touch game!
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