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OpUrl - ISAPI URL Rewrite

An ISAPI filter that provides powerful, integrated URL re-writing for IIS. OpUrl has many benefits, including helping to ensure search engines crawl even the dynamic parts of your site. Most search engine crawlers don't index dynamic pages, e.g. page.asp?item=1 so OpUrl allows you to use static URLs instead. The functionality is very similar to Apache's mod_rewrite.

For more information, take a look at the FAQ or click on a section on the right for more details.

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This component is shareware. After the initial period of 14 days you must either register and pay for the component or delete it. URLs will not be changed after the 14 day trial period. Click here to register using our secure server for only 29 and receive the full version. If you require assistance during evaluation please email us at support@opcode.co.uk. By downloading this component you indicate acceptance of these terms and assume all liability relating to it's use.


  • Copy the DLLs to the destination directory of your choice.
  • Copy the sample configuration file (OpUrl.txt) to the system directory (usually \WinNT\system32).
  • Modify the configuration file.
  • Install the filter in IIS.

    If you need to check your configuration, look for a file called OpUrl.log in the same directory as the config file. The file will appear when IIS is re-started or when the filter is first installed. It contains information about errors generated when the config file is parsed, and should help you with troubleshooting. The config file is only read when the filter is first installed, or when IIS is restarted. Also, the filter writes debug output for every URL that's changed. Consider installing a debug output viewer (such as DbgView) to see exactly what URLs the filter is changing.


    The configuration file is extremely simple, and is in the following format:
    # comment
    matchpattern output
    So a configuration like this:
    # Sample file
    /products/([0-9]+) /product.asp\?id=$1
    would rewrite the URL

    The config file is only re-read when the filter is first started, so you'll probably need to restart IIS to pick up any changes. For more information on regular expression syntax, take a look around on the net. There's plenty of it about!


    This DLL uses the excellent Regex++ regular expression library from Dr John Maddock.
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